Diet Plan & Fitness Regime

Diet Plan
For Diabetes

Diet Plan

A perfect diabetes diet should contain 1800 kcal per day. It should include milk, cereal, pulses, vegetables, fruits, small quantities of nuts etc. Find below the approx. quantity & servings for each food group.

Milk and its derivatives 750ml 3 Medium Glasses
Cereals 200g 7-8 Servings
Pulses 60gm 2 Medium Bowls
Green Leafy Vegetables 300g 3 Medium Bowls
Other Vegetables 200g 2 Medium Bowls
Fruits 300g 3 Medium Sized
Cooking Oil 15-20ml 3-4 teaspoonful
Sugar *Nil *Nil
Nuts 12g 8 almonds or 2 walnuts

A daily diet schedule for a diabetic person should include 5 to 6 small but healthy meals. A sample plan is mentioned below.

Early Morning 6:30 AM Cup of Unsweetened Tea (with milk) + 2 Millet Cookies 50 kcal
Breakfast 8:30 AM 2 vegetable stuffed roti / 2 medium bowls cooked porridge or wheat flakes or veg. Upma or Poha / 2-3 Idli / 2 small Dosa / 1 sandwich (220 kcal) Glass of Milk (130 kcal) 7 almonds or 2 walnuts (30 kcal) 380 kcal
Mid-Morning 11:00 AM 1 medium sized apple / banana / guava (60 kcal) 60 kcal
Lunch 1:30 PM 1 medium plate Salad (20 kcal) 2 medium bowls Green Leafy Vegetables (100 kcal) 1 medium bowl Pulses (150 kcal) 1 bowl Curd (130 kcal) 3 medium sized Roti / Idli / Dosa or 2 medium bowls of rice + 1 roti (255 kcal) 655 kcal
Tea 4:30 PM 1 cup of sugarless Tea / Milk / Fresh Lime (20 kcal) 1 medium sized Fruit (60 kcal) 80 kcal
Dinner 8:00 PM 1 medium plate Salad (20 kcal) 1 medium bowl Mixed Vegetable (100 kcal) 1 medium bowl Dal (150 kcal) 2 medium sized Roti + 1 medium bowl of Rice (255 kcal) 1 small bowl Fruit Yoghurt (100 kcal) 625 kcal

A right meal plan always help you improve your body’s blood glucose, blood pressure, along with cholesterol numbers and also help you in keeping your weight in control. Either you need to lose weight or maintain it, your meal plan can be a real help.

Also we would like to mention about the food items containing saturated fats, trans-fats, cholesterol etc. should be avoided strictly as it can adversely affect a diabetic’s health.


Aerobic or Cardio Exercises is the best workout to control the blood sugar levels as well as reduce your risk of heart disease. People with Diabetes on insulin can experience low blood glucose levels as a result of exercise. Hence, if working out for a longer duration, or a high intensity exercise, you need to take carbohydrates before or during workout session.

We can categorize exercises types as stretching exercise, balance exercise, strength exercise and endurance exercise.

Below is the table that depicts the exercises names along with the category within which they fall.

Stretching Hamstring stretch, lumbar flexion stretch, hip flexor stretch etc.
Balance Standing leg curl, knee extension, one leg crouching, side leg raise etc.
Strength Bench press, bicep curl, squats, push-ups, abdominal crunches etc.
Endurance Cycling, running, hiking etc.

Brisk Walking, Swimming, Dancing, Tennis and Ice Skating are some of the best cardio exercises suggested for a person having diabetes.


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