Understanding Prediabetes Condition

Prediabetes is an alarm that you are on path of diabetes. But it is never too late to wake up and turn thing around. In pre diabetic case the blood sugar level is higher than the normal but below than diabetic range. So it is termed as borderline diabetes also.

In prediabetic condition the body system does not work properly and hence is not able to make enough insulin even after having the meals.

The key for is lifestyle changes, without lifestyle changes prediabetic people can fast move on the track of diabetes. The important thing we need to understand that this move to diabetes is not inevitable. By following healthy food regime, managing the weight and including physical exercises in our daily routine can help person to get back the sugar level in blood down.

Prediabetes have as such no symptoms but some people may experience symptoms that of insulin resistance. Prediabetes does not have any specific cause and reason. Genetic and family history can be its one of the cause. People who are obese are generally at high risk of prediabetes or diabetes. Prediabetes symptoms if not taken care can become type2 diabetes and can give rise to conditions like heart disease, kidney damage, stroke, skin infection etc.

The healthy lifestyle includes:

  • Exercising: It is key for all health related issues. Add physical activities in your day to day routine. Leave car at parking and take few steps to your walk, hit to gym, include sports in your day to day activities.
  • Diet: Watch out what your are eating. Include low fat protein such as low fat dairy products and fiber rich foods such as all the vegetables and fruits to your diet. Reduce carbohydrate intake, sugar intake and calories in your diet. Eat small portions in single go.

Prediabetes is reversible just by doing some lifestyle changes.

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