Type 2 Diabetes: Prevention is better than control!

As per studies it has been seen that up to 85% of type 2 diabetic disorder can be delayed, prevented or strongly controlled through regular exercise and healthy diet. In addition, regular check-up from doctors as well as living with a healthy weight also help in prevention of type 2 Diabetes and its symptoms. Proper monitoring of blood sugar level, medication, and early detection of complications, help in prior intervention, specialist reference, and education towards the disorder.

Facts and figures of diabetes prevention

  • According to Diabetes Prevention Program, weight loss accompanied with more physical activity slows the type 2 diabetes by 58 %. It is 71% among 60 years and older subjects.
  • If an overweight person lose 5-7% body weight through healthy work-out and exercise, may delay the arrival of type 2 diabetes for indefinite period of time.
  • Risk of diabetes can be reduced if we go through regular check-ups of blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol to maintain them at healthy level.

Last but not the least, ayurvedic medicines like Diabiant helps to control type 2 diabetes. It is totally safe from any side-effects and definitely reduces diabetes and related risk by 100%. Now, it’s available for free one month trial, such that we could start the course as soon as possible. However, we can pay while ordering for next month medication. Combine medication with exercise and diet to see the best result. Have diabiant, not diabetes!

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