How to treat Diabetes within a short period of time?

Treatment for diabetes has never been an easy task, though with proper diet control, healthy work-outs, and Ayurvedic medicines, you can beat plus treat the root cause.

3 Steps towards treatment of diabetes

1st Step

First step towards treatment of diabetes is to plan the diet as per schedule and take as much as you need. However, the Best Snacks for Diabetic patients include baby carrots, popcorn prepared in coconut oil, steamed sprouts, nuts like cashew and almond, roasted gram, Dhokla, Khakra, as well as smoothies made of cucumber, spinach, tomato plus amla. So, rather than having junk food or snacks, it is better to try healthy snacking now onwards.

2nd Step

Second step comprises of losing weight if you overweigh. Healthy Work-outs for 5 days a week and at least for half an hour is sufficient to crack the goal. Nevertheless, the exercises for treatment of diabetes include stretching, balance, strength, and endurance. Yet, you must learn and practice every day for excellent outcome.

Balanced diet and right workouts together affect the overall health and help in controlling the blood sugar level. Although, regular checkups of sugar level, A1C, Blood Pressure, cholesterol, feet, eyes, and teeth are a must of every patient, because treatment of diabetes is limited to controlling rather than curing.

3rd Step

Last but not the least, Natural Ayurvedic medicines also play an important role in treatment for diabetes Type 2. Ayurvedic tablets Diabiant are formulated by Ambic Ayurveda, an ISO certified company, which prepares the product in GMP certified labs. All the herbal components sooth the harsh after-effects of Diabetes on the internal and external system of body and mind.

What to avoid for treatment of diabetes?

Smoking and drinking alcohol should not be practiced, while under treatment. Also, fried food, sweets, and very spicy platter shall totally be banned to get control of the trouble related to the disease.

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