How Smog Conditions are affecting people with Diabetes?

Be safe while smog conditions prevail in Delhi, NCR region. As per research, smoke coming out of burnt grain residue, crackers, chemically treated incense sticks, candles, factories, create a foggy condition containing, not enough moisture, is called smog and is more harmful than ten cigarettes lighted at the same time.

So, to stay safe, there is only way! Decrease carbon footprints on earth! Use AC only when required, and buy the ones that emit less amount of CFC gas. This Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is responsible for ozone gas depletion resulting in global warming, which already has started, as we have been noticing late start of winters! Hence, when smog conditions combined with extra heating of earth, then it becomes worse.

In such situations, overall health of a person gets affected and so the lifestyle disorders like diabetes also triggers. To manage the disorder, we exercise, run, walk, take healthy diet; but, what if the air is contaminated with poisonous gases like nitric oxide, sulfur oxide, ozone, etc. So, to live healthy and diabetes free life, only diet and exercise are not enough. We need to have ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, which helps to overcome the related troubles in advance.

Along with ayurvedic medicine for sugar, we need to use ayurvedic products for diabetes as well. There are a few authentic brands to rely upon. We must check ISO 9001:2008 Standards, GMP, and AYUSH certification before getting the medicine or other dietary products. Good Manufacturing Practices ensure that the herbal item is prepared in a suitable environment.

Diabiant is an ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, prepared by Ambic Ayurved, which helps to get over the problem in a short duration, say 3 weeks time. Though, we can continue the tablets for a longer duration to keep control of the sugar level in Type 2 Diabetic person. Fight with ease, but on firm basis. Take tablets twice after lunch and dinner. This ayurvedic medicine for sugar is good enough to take care of total health.

We can also check ayurvedic products for diabetes at ambic ayurved website. Stay healthy, stay blessed, even when the smog affects!

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