Healthy Ways People With Diabetes Can Enjoy Carbs

Generally, people with diabetes have been advised to avoid the intake of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are tending to increase the blood sugar level that’s why it is advised to avoid it. But a diabetic can enjoy carbs through some of the healthy ways.

Here are some healthy ways people with diabetes can also enjoy carbs:

Maintain your carb timing: Everyday you can consume 40 to 60 gram of carbohydrates in a day but make sure that each day your timing should be same. The reason behind the timing is your body knows by which time they will get carbs and according to that they prepare themselves to fight with it.

Choose slow carbs: Some carbs tend to get digested faster than others but in the case of diabetes you should choose to eat those carbs which take time to get digest. Foods, which are rich in fiber, digest slowly and are rich in nutrients. For slow carbs, you can eat whole wheat bread, wheat pasta, brown bread, sweet potatoes, whole grain oatmeal and raw fruit instead of fruit juice.

Take carbs with protein: Carbs are more prone to raise your blood sugar levels that have to minimise the effect of carbohydrates it’s best to consume it with proteins. It will not only make you full but also balance the level of your blood sugar level. For example, you can eat an apple by applying peanut butter to it and you can eat cheese with wheat crackers.

Include carbs at the last in your meal: If you are taking your proper diabetic diet which must be indulged with veggies and protein enriched foods, then after finishing your diet meal you can have some carbs enriched foods. This process will help to stimulate your sugar levels.

Hence, you can enjoy eating carbs through these above-mentioned processes.


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