Would my Grandpa ever be able to walk and run with me as we used to go earlier?

Monu: Mom! I want my Dadu to come with me to the park and play football with me! When will he be fine?

Meena: Monu! Don’t worry! Your Daddu will definitely be ok in a few weeks! He has started ayurvedic medicine Diabiant, just like your Mohit Uncle did, a year ago. When Mohit chachu is able to run and walk like before, why not Dadu?

Monu: Wow! I am so happy Mummy! I am eagerly waiting for the day! Mom! Can I ask you a question?

Meena: Yes Monu! Sure!

Monu: What is Diabiant and how does it work?

Meena: It’s an ayurvedic medicine for controlling diabetes. It contains powerful herbs to control sugar level. And, as soon as blood sugar gets controlled, dadu will not have tingling pain in feet. Then, he will join you in park, will play and run with you as well.

Monu: Great! Mom, I can’t wait anymore! What can we do to help dadu to get well soon?

Meena: We should provide a happy and peaceful environment, such that he didn’t get any kind of stress. Moreover, we can take care that he eats healthy food, nuts, fruits, and vegetables to speed up the recovery process.

Monu: I will take care of him, Ma! Thanks to diabiant and you! Both of you are working together to fight diabetes, which is nothing but a lifestyle disorder!

Meena: Clever boy! It seems that you have studied well on diabetes!

Monu: Yes Mom! I also have done research and have known that Diabiant can do wonders, if applied along with healthy diet as well as work-out. So, from tomorrow onwards, I will take Dada Ji for morning walk to really speed up the healing from Diabetes and its side-effects.

Meena: Do you know Monu that Diabiant doesn’t carry any after effects, because of its 100% ayurvedic composition.

Grandpa: (Coming outside his room) Apart, it’s free for one month and I need to pay only when I order for next course of treatment, after total satisfaction.

Hurray!!! (all of them shouted with joy)

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