Complication Due to Delay in Detection of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the mostly burdensome and chronic diseases now days. It is increasing at high speed throughout the world. Various severe complications arising due to this disorder are failure of various organs like eyes, nerves, kidney etc.

Symptoms for type 2 diabetes develop very slowly so it takes very long for patient to actually know that he has diabetes.

People generally ignore Type 2 diabetes in early stages as they feel fine and most of the symptoms are not visible. But it may lead to severe medical complications and affects most of the organs including kidneys, eyes, blood vessels, heart and nerves. So controlling diabetes or sugar level in our blood is very important in prevention of above complications.

Severe complication from diabetes increases gradually and become life threatening. Below are complications arising from diabetes.

  • Damage of nerves. High sugar can damage wall of the `blood vessels in legs. This will lead in numbness, tingling and pain in toes or fingers of feet and then gradually spread in the leg. As a result sense of feeling will be not in the affected parts.
  • Diseases in heart. Diabetes can increase risk of Heart diseases and result in many problems related with heart such as stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack, narrowing of arteries etc.
  • Damage in Kidneys. Diabetes can impact the filtering system of body and can lead to the kidney failure. This may put us on dialysis.
  • Damage in Eye. Diabetes can lead to diabetic retinopathy i.e. damage to blood vessels of retina.
  • Damage on skin. High blood sugar may lead you to bacterial and fungal infections on skin.
  • Damage to Foot.Very high blood sugar can lead to nerve damage in feet. This may result in poor healing of wounds and moves us to foot or leg amputation.

Rather than delaying it is better to take necessary prevention policies for diabetes that force us to change our lifestyle, weight loss and increased physical activity.

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