Ayurvedic Medicine: Manage Your Diabetes Naturally

Ayurvedic Medicine Manage Your Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases of our age. It is a chronic metabolic disorder that results of excess sugar in the bloodstream, which further poses the risk of damaging vital organs. Diabetes generally occurs due to stress, genetics, haphazard lifestyle and several other factors. The main problem with diabetes is it does not completely cure. There are several issues such as strokes, eyesight problems, heart attacks, delayed wound healing, nerve damage and impotence that arise along with this disease.

The ayurvedic approach is great for controlling Diabetes. According to Ayurveda, one can control diabetes through the help of diet, yoga regimes, and stress management.Apart from these, Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes is playing a vital role in the treatment of diabetes. Diabiant is an Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes that improves the functional capacity of the pancreas and helps in controlling blood sugar level or diabetes. It is a combination of natural herbs such as YakriadiLoha, BangeshwarRas, PramehGanjkeshriRas, Chopchini, JaamunGuthli, SarpGandha, Sadabahar, Karjwa, Chirayta and many more. Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes like Diabiant is also capable of regulating urination and cures diabetic complications.

In addition to this, there are some Ayurvedic home remedies that may help you in managing the diabetes. Few of them are listed below.

  • Drink a glass of juice, which is a combination of water, tulsi leaves, neem leaves, and belpatras in the early morning on an empty stomach
  • Drink at least one tablespoon of bitter gourd juice regularly
  • Consume a cup of fresh bitter-gourd juice mixed with a tablespoon of Indian gooseberry juice
  • Take one teaspoon of a grounded mixture of fenugreek seeds, turmeric and white pepper with a glass of milk twice daily.
  • Consume a teaspoon of cinnamon powder mixed with warm water regularly
  • Consume a teaspoon of dry jambulpowder along with lukewarm water twice a day
  • Intake of a pinch of turmeric powder with milk is good for diabetes

Positive lifestyle is playing a great role in managing diabetes and healing body and mind. A lifestyle change is the involvement of a healthy diet, yoga, and meditation or any suitable fitness regime.


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